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Wednesday 10.02.13


Sarah and Kristen getting some air over their KBs. Nice hops ladies!


A. Heaving snatch balance, 10x3

Notes: 1:15 clock. This will be the final week with this movement for a while. Don't be afraid to try and hit a pretty heavy weight, considering you're only doing three reps per set.


For reps and time:
5 min AMRAP alt'g DB snatches (DEMO)
1 mile run

Notes: 15 min cut-off. That means you'll have 10 minutes to run the mile. If you're not a great runner, scale to 1200 or 800 meters. If you've got orthopedic issues and shouldn't run, you may either do a 2000m(M)/1500m(F) row or 150(M)/110(F) cals on the AD. Note the difference between not being able to run, and not wanting to run. Run if you can.


A. 3-position halting snatch deadlift + high hang snatch, 10x1

Notes: 1:15 clock. Build to something heavy with this drill. It's your third week with the movement so you should feel better with it. Yes, I realize that it's somewhat of an awkward drill. I purposely puts you in some less than advantageous positions. Well guess what? If you get strong and confident when you're intentionally starting at some sort of disadvantageous position, what do you think will happen when we give you back the advantage? You're that much stronger and confident. That's how you improve!


For reps and time:
5 min AMRAP KB snatches, 24/16kg
1 mile run

Notes: 15 min cut-off. See 101 for other notes.

Post loads, reps, and times to comments.