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Thursday 11.07.13


"Sunny & 88 degrees here in Edinburg, TX!! A couple of WOD’s at Crossfit Rockcore." - Mark Kastner, not skipping a beat even when on the road (and repping CFS in the process!). If you stop in to another affiliate while traveling, go ahead and send me (Josh) a pic and I'll get it on the site. CFS travels well.


(wk 4 of 4)

A1(a). Strict press, 3-2-1 
A1(b). Push press, 3-2-1
A2. Pause barbell bent-over row, 6x4, AHAP

Notes: 2:30 clock. Add weight every set of presses. You should hit a 1RM (hopefully a PR) on the last set of strict presses and push presses. Heavier on the rows as well but DON'T COMPROMISE SCAPULAR RETRACTION.


For time:

21 pushups, planche (DEMO)/regular 
21 pullups
42 double unders

15 pushups, planche/regular
15 pullups
30 double unders
9 pushups, planche/regular 
9 pullups
18 double unders

Notes: 10 min cut-off.


(wk 4 of 4)

A1(a). Strict press, 5-3-1 
A1(b). Push press, 5-3-1
A2. Pause barbell bent-over row, 6x3, AHAP

Notes: 2:30 clock. Build to AHAP (PR?) on each lift.


For time:

21M/12F ring dips 
21 C2B/regular pullups
63 double unders
15M/9F ring dips 
15 C2B/regular pullups
45 double unders
9M/6F ring dips 
9 C2B/regular pullups
27 double unders

Notes: 10 min cut-off. If you can't do ring dips, do jumping ring dips with a slow eccentric (lowering).

Post loads and times to comments.