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Tuesday 11.12.13


Mary Henningfield looking pretty calm during yesterday's front squats. She attended Saturday's squat workshop and I think it helped out a bit. Nice job Mary! I always appreciate your questions; it shows that you really want to learn and understand this stuff and that is super cool.

We're going to switch up the weekly training schedule just a bit so as to not destroy your legs on consecutive days too often optimize the training response you obtain. Stay tuned for tomorrow.


A. Snatch deadlift (DEMO) to high-hang + high-hang snatch (DEMO), 10x2, build to heavy with PERFECT technique

Notes: 1:15 clock. Watch the demo of the snatch deadlift. The only difference between the video and what I want you to do is that you're going to stop at the high-hang position, pause for 2 seconds, and then with no re-bending, perform a snatch from that position.


4 rounds for time: 
50 double unders
12 lateral burpees over bar
6 OH squats, ~90-100% of heaviest from A

Notes: 15 min cut-off.


A. Pause snatch (DEMO), 3-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1

Notes: 1:15 clock. Start from the floor and pause for 3 seconds with the bar at (not above) the knees. In this position the shins should be perfectly vertical, the weight over the heels, and the shoulders well in front of the bar. Add weight when possible but don't compromise mechanics for load.  


3 rounds for time: 
100 double unders
21 lateral burpees over bar
7 power snatches, 135/95

Notes: 15 min cut-off. Scale as needed, but try not to.

Post loads and times to comments.