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Tuesday 11.19.13


Sue B. trying to stay calm during her 3 second pause during Monday's front squats. Plenty of people had a tendency to rush the tempo on these but to her credit Sue stayed right with the 33X1 that was prescribed. Very well done!


A. Snatch balance, 5x3, build to a heavy weight with no misses 
B. Hang snatch (above knee), 5x2

Notes: Use a 1:15 clock for A and B. Your goal with the hang snatches on part B is to build to whatever weight you hit for your heaviest on the snatch balances. Use the snatch balances to practice getting under the bar quickly and aggressively and then take that same aggressiveness to the hang snatches.


5 rounds for time: 
20 lateral hops over bar
15 burpees
5 hang power clean, use at least 100% of heaviest from B

Notes: 15 min cut-off.


A. 1 hang snatch (above knee) + 2 snatch balances, 10 sets, build to AHAP w/no misses

Notes: 1:15 clock. Focus on speed under the bar during the balances.


3 rounds for time: 
50 double unders
30 burpees
10 hang power clean, 155/105lb

Notes: 15 min cut-off.

Post loads and times to comments.