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Wednesday 11.20.13


Adam V. Exactly what a high-bar, Olympic-style, back squat should look like: bar on top of the traps, torso as close to vertical as possible, knee fully closed (flexed), hips/hamstrings/glutes still engaged, neutral spine maintained, knees in line with the feet. Not everyone can do this, at least not at first. It takes a tremendous amount of ankle and hip mobility and having proper anthropometry in order for it to look like this. Anthropometry you can't do anything about. But mobility and stability can be improved upon. If you want this you may (will) have to work for it, like Adam has.

101 & 201

A1. Deadlift, 5x6 @ 3030, heavier than last week, rest 60 seconds 
A2. Press (strict), 5x6 @ 3030, heavier than last week, rest 60 seconds

Notes: Because last week's workout was largely figuring out what these tempos will feel like rather than going really heavy, this week you should be able to go heavier as a result. The tempo is still the priority so don't deviate from that but try to add 5-10lb from last week's weights.


6 rounds, NOT FOR TIME: 
68' farmer walk, AHAP w/turn (down and back length of rack)
30 second plank, AHAP

Notes: Work in groups of 4 people at most. Work together to add/change weights on the FW and planks. Since the goal is to get up to AHAP for each exercise, do not rush. Also, the first couple of FW shouldn't be "warm-ups" for the last few sets. Do a warm-up or two prior to starting the 6 rounds so that each round really can be AHAP.

There's no "set" way to get through the work, but something logical would be to have a person start on each the FW and plank and then rotate through until you've each done 1 round of both exercises, then start the second set. You shouldn't start your second round until everyone else in your group has also done a round.

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