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Thursday 11.21.13


Aaron, Mike, and Taylor working on their HSPU's.


A1. Floor press, 4x8 @ 41X1, rest 60 sec 
A2. Ring row, 4x8 @ 40X1, rest 60 sec

Notes: Work with a partner. They spot you when you're doing your FP, then you spot them when they're doing their FP. Then you do your ring rows. Then they do their ring rows. Working in such a fashion should get you pretty close to the minute rest you're supposed to get. There won't be a clock set to time your tempo so it's on you to stick to it as closely as possible. Four seconds is a fairly long eccentric phase. Remember that the "X" means to accelerate the weight up as fast as possible. For each set of each exercise you're going to be under tension for at least 40-50 seconds so it's gonna hurt and you won't be able to use a ton of weight. Start around 50% of your 1RM floor press and go up from there.


A1. DB floor press, 4x8 @ 41X1, rest 60 sec 
A2. Pullups (supinated), 4x8 @ 40X1, rest 60 sec

Notes: See 101. This won't be easy but you will get strong in all the right places and all the right ways. On the pullups, some of you that normally do them unassisted may have to use a band. Some that normally add weight may only be able to do BW. Don't add weight/increase difficulty if you're not on the tempo.


101 & 201

5 rounds for reps: 
30 seconds AD
rest 30 seconds
30 seconds double KB clean & press, 24/16kg
rest 30 seconds
30 seconds 10m shuttle run
rest 30 seconds

Notes: Count every 10m trip on the shuttle run as 1 rep. Good numbers to hit in 30 seconds for each movement: 15+ cals on AD, 8+ on KB C&P, 8+ on shuttle run.

Post loads and reps to comments.


November 21, 2013 8:22 AM
DB Floor Press- all sets w/50# dbs, for some reason had some shoulder/upper bicep pain when doing these so i didn't go up in weight. Supine grip tempo pullups- may add weight next week, but did these at bodyweight, the last 2 reps each set were pretty tough. 201 WOD@Rx-173reps (i think, i forgot to write it down, it's on the board at the gym)- averaged 8 reps on shuttle runs and kb c/p and 18-21 cals on the AD. Made up monday's squats- back squats-10@205#, 8@220#, 6@235#. Tempo Front Squats-all sets at 160#.