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Tuesday 12.03.13


Justin and Natalie doing double KB clean and presses.


A. Snatch deadlift (DEMO) to high-hang + high-hang snatch (DEMO), 10x2, build to heavy with PERFECT technique

Notes: 1:15 clock. Watch the demo of the snatch deadlift. The only difference between the video and what I want you to do is that you're going to stop at the high-hang position, pause for 2 seconds, and then with no re-bending, perform a snatch from that position.


OH squat, 95/65lb
Pullups (kipping)

Notes: 10 min cut-off. Scale the weights as needed but if possible, try to go prescribed.


A. Pause snatch (DEMO), 3x3, 3x2, 4x1

Notes: 1:15 clock. Start from the floor and pause for 3 seconds with the bar at (not above) the knees. In this position the shins should be perfectly vertical, the weight over the heels, and the shoulders well in front of the bar. Add weight when possible but don't compromise mechanics for load.


Snatch (squat), 135/95

Notes: 10 min cut-off. If you've never done this before, try to do it as close as possible to Rx, just to establish a baseline. If you can't do any MU's then sub with jumping MU's (but note the height of the rings for future reference). If 135/95 is out of your league, decrease. But if you can, you should use the prescribed weight, even if you don't finish under the cut-off.

Post loads and times to comments.


December 3, 201312:08 PM
201 Pause Snatches- 3@1053, 3@1153, 3@125#, 2@135#, 2@135#, 2@145#, 1@145#, 1@155#, 1@155# (f), 1@155#, 1@155#. Amanda@Rx-9:25.