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Thursday 12.05.13


We just got in an order of full-zip and pullover hoodies, long-sleeve thermals, and 3/4 sleeve baseball shirts. What you see is what we've got so don't wait to pick up what you want!


A1. Floor press, 4x6 @ 33X1 
A2. Ring row, 4x6 @ 30X3

Notes: A1 and A2 on a 4 minute clock. Work with a partner. Tempo changes to be aware of - the floor presses have a 3 second eccentric and 3 second pause at the bottom before an explosive concentric. Also, the ring rows/pullups have a 3 second eccentric, explosive concentric, and 3 second pause at the top. Stick to the tempos!


A1. DB floor press, 4x6 @ 33X1 
A2. Pullups (supinated), 4x6 @ 30X3

Notes: See 101.


101 & 201

7 min AMRAP: 
10 wall balls
10 hand-release pushups
10 butterfly abmat situps


3 min rest


7 min AMRAP: 
10 t2b
10 box jumps (step-down)
10 DB push press, moderate

Notes: For each exercise select loads that allow you to work steadily for the entire 7 minutes. Overall this should be a strong aerobic effort: lots of breathing and "cardio" work with moderate muscular work.

Post loads and rounds/reps to comments.