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Thursday 12.12.13


No Ben, you shouldn't step on your wife's back when she's doing her planks, no matter how funny Sue thinks it is.


A1. Floor press, 5x5 @ 22X1
A2. Ring row, 5x5 @ 20X2

Notes: A1 and A2 on a 3:30 clock. Your weight should continue to increase from last week. On the ring rows, I would expect some of you be able to elevate your feet to a box and maybe even add some weight to it so as to make it challenging. Do so if you can. 


10 min AMRAP: 
5 wall balls, 20/14lb, to 10'/9'
4 KB swings, 32/24kg Russian (or heavier)
3 box jumps, 20" (step down)
2 strict pullups
1 wall climb (DEMO)

Notes: On the wall climb try and get as close as possible to having your chest and face against the wall. If you're not comfortable with that however, only get as close as you feel comfortable. 


A1. DB floor press, 5x5 @ 22X1 
A2. Pullups (supinated, weighted if possible), 5x5 @ 20X2

Notes: See 101.


10 min AMRAP: 
5 wall balls, 20/14lb, both to 10'
4 KB swings, 32/24kg American
3 box jumps, 24"/20" (step down)
2 muscle-ups
1 wall climb

Notes: You've got to keep moving on this one. Set up your equipment so you're working in a line of sorts: WB at the wall obviously, turn for the KBS, step forward for the box jumps, step forward for the MU, back to the wall for the wall climbs.

Post loads and rounds/reps to comments.