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Wednesday 12.18.13


He may be the CFS class-clown, but Brady is also one of our hardest workers and is great for the morale of whatever class he's in. Thanks for making us all laugh (and sometimes shake our heads) man.

REMINDER: Check MindBody to see the modified schedule for next week around Christmas. Class time will be limited so that we can spend time with our loved ones. 

101 & 201

A1. Deadlift, 8x2 @ 2020, heavier than last week, rest 45 seconds 
A2. Press (strict), 8x2 @ 2020, heavier than last week, rest 45 seconds

Notes: Next week we'll be going for 1RMs on both lifts.


5 sets @ 100%, each on a 4:00 clock: 
5 power clean, see below for weights
10 hand-release pushups
15 cals AD

Notes: 101 - 135/95; 201 - 185/125 TnG (201's: TnG is the priority, if 185/125 isn't too bad for you, add weight). Go all out on this. You should be able to do everything unbroken in order to get the desired training effect.

We'll work in groups so wait at least until the person in front of you starts the AD before you start the PC. You should be able to finish sub-60 seconds.

Post loads and times per round to comments.