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Monday 12.30.13


Susan, on the grind with the prowler. In the last several weeks I've really seen her up her game with an increased level of focus during her workouts (not to mention upgrading from 3x/week to unlimited) and it has paid off in the PR department. Keep it up Susan and you'll do great things in the coming year!


A. EMOM x10: 2-position hang clean (above knee hang, below knee) + jerk (push or split)

Notes: This represents 2 hang cleans (first from above knee, second from right below knee) and 1 jerk per set. Start with a manageable weight and build as you go so that the final sets are challenging but not maximal.


A. EMOM x10: 2-position clean (hang, floor) + jerk @ 60-70% 1RM

Notes: This represents 2 cleans (first from an above knee hang, second from the floor) and 1 jerk per set. Start at 60% and try to be at 70% by the end of the 10 minutes.


101 & 201

For time: 
30 back squats, 225/135
30 shoulder-to-overhead, 185/115
30 thrusters, 135/95
For time: 
30 back squats, 185/125
30 shoulder-to-overhead, 135/95
30 thrusters, 95/65
For time: 
30 back squats, 135/95
30 shoulder-to-overhead, 95/65
30 thrusters, 75/55

Notes: 15 min cut-off. Choose one of the above. The kicker: no racks allowed. If you can safely do the weights in Option C but it'll just take you significantly longer than 15 minutes, then scale the reps to 20. If the weights in Option C are unsafe for you however, then decrease the weights to a safe, but still challenging load. Oh yeah, changing the weights is part of the workout so have all the necessary weights with you prior to the start of the workout.

Post loads and times to comments.