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Thursday 01.23.14


Keep pushing!


Some of you were having some trouble trying to pay for the Paleo Fitness Challenge online. First, make sure that you're logged in to your MindBody account (it's only available to CFS members, hence why you have to login first). Then click on the "Online Store" tab. It should be located there. Preferably, you'd sign up sooner rather than later so we have an accurate idea of how many people will be participating.

As of the this writing, we've got 23 people signed up for the CFS Affiliate Team for the CrossFit Games Open, which is great! I'd like to see that number TRIPLE by the time the Open starts on Feb. 27. Remember, this is all about participation. Even if you have no desire to compete beyond the Open round, it's still fun to do the workouts (which you'll do in class anyway), "feel" a part of the whole thing with your CFS teammates, and watch where you end up on the leaderboard throughout the 5 weeks. So if you haven't signed up yet, go do that now!

101 & 201

A. EMOM x6: 2 snatch balance (DEMO), start moderate and build to heavy
B. EMOM x6: 2 hang snatch (DEMO), start moderate and build to heavy

Notes: Rest a full 2 minutes between A and B. Compare your ending weights on the two movements. Critical thinking time: if your snatch balance is heavier than your hang snatch, what does that tell you about your strengths and weaknesses and what you need to work on? What if the opposite holds true? You should be able to snatch balance more than you can hang snatch. Why is that true and why should you want that? It's true because the snatch balance is a much simpler movement than the hang snatch. All you have to do is get under it fast and stand up. With the hang snatch (or any snatch for that matter) you pull the bar overhead AND get under it fast and stand up. More opportunities for things to go wrong. Furthermore, you should have a reserve of overhead squat strength (as evidenced by the snatch balance) so that you know that as long as you can pull the bar overhead during a snatch and get it into proper position, you can easily stand up with it. If your snatch balance/overhead squat is comparatively weak, then during a snatch, just because you get it overhead does not mean you'll easily stand up with it. Make sense?


6 rounds for time of:
20 double unders
15 wall balls
10 chest-to-bar pull-ups

Rest 60 seconds

Notes: 20 minute cut-off. The clock will run continuously and YOU MUST REST 60 SECONDS BETWEEN ROUNDS. You'll be responsible for watching the clock and timing your own 60 second rest. If you can do C2B pull-ups, you must. If you can't, do regular.

Post loads and times per round to comments.