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Wednesday 02.05.14


Kristen and Brooke showing some serious focus during last week's back squats.

Wanna support a few CFS members, eat some good food, and have some fun in the process? This Saturday from 1-4PM at Wilson's Bar and Grill, the Wisconsin Women's Rugby Team is having their Annual Chili Cook-off Fundraiser. Many of you know Nadia Riese, Nicole Helmer, and Mary and Laura Hanks who are on the team (and maybe they've even mentioned it to you). $15 gets you all-you-can-eat and drink chili, beer, and soda plus there'll be a raffle and door prizes. Nadia told me she's even making paleo chili for those of you participating in the PFC.

It'd be great to see a nice representation from CFS there to support the girls. Should be a lot of fun!


A1. KB waiter's walk, 3x length of rack each arm
A2. Half kneeling MB rotational throws (DEMO), 3x10 each, quick
A3. Skater lunges (DEMO), 3x14 (7 each), start small and increase distance with increased comfort

101 & 201

For time:

50M/35F cals AD
50 KB swings, 24/16kg
40 wall balls
30 t2b

35M/25F cals AD
40 KB swings, 24/16kg
30 wall balls
20 t2b

20M/15F cals AD
30 KB swings, 24/16kg
20 wall balls
10 t2b

Notes: 35 minute cut-off. If classes are big we'll use a staggered start to share the ADs - partner with someone at the start, once they finish their cals on the AD, then you get set and start at the top of the next minute (probably 3:00 or 4:00). You can each have your own KB and WB. Just work through and it should play out ok.

Post times to comments.



Al Macey
February 6, 201410:40 PM
Al Macey
29:17 at Rx. Paced myself on this one. Did knees to elbows instead of T2B; working on the kipping motion. Was able to do sets of 10 on K2E so I think it's time to graduate.