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Wednesday 02.12.14


Alyson H. has been with us for a few months now and is making steady progress. After Monday's workout she proudly told me that when we'd done that workout back in January she didn't even finish all of the OH squats and upon doing it this past Monday was able to not only finish the OHS and burpees but got 16 pull-ups as well. That's what consistent effort every time you show up can do for you. Great job Alyson!


A1. KB waiter's walk, 3x length of rack each arm
A2. Half kneeling MB rotational throws (DEMO), 3x10 each, quick
A3. Lateral single leg line hops (DEMO), 3x10 each leg (over and back = 1)

101 & 201

Eight sets of (total of 32 minutes):
45 seconds AD (for max cals)
Rest 15 seconds
30 seconds of strict pull-ups
Rest 30 seconds
45 seconds of box jump overs, 24″/20″
Rest 15 seconds
30 seconds of ring dips (see scaling options in notes)
Rest 30 seconds

Notes: Compare to 01.09.14. At the top of each minute, for 32 minutes, you will rotate stations and try to accumulate as many reps or calories as possible of each movement. Note that the AD and box jump overs are 45 seconds of work while the pull-ups and dips are 30 seconds. You are responsible for seeing the clock and stopping at the appropriate time as the clock will simply be set to beep at the start of each minute. If you can't do 2-3 consecutive strict pull-ups, use a band. If you can do more than 10 however in 30 seconds, add weight. If you can't do ring dips, do ring pushups. If you can't do ring pushups, do pushups.

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