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Thursday 02.13.14


We're at 33 people and counting for the Open! Let's get to 50+. That'd be half the gym participating which would be great to see.

Remember, our plan is to get as many Open participants as possible here on Saturday mornings during the Open to do the workouts each week. Once the workouts are released each week we'll schedule warm-up and heat times, make sure that you've got a judge to count your reps, and give you as close to a "real-deal" competition environment as we can without you having to leave your home gym. It should be a lot of fun each Saturday so make sure you're a part of it.

Going along with that, since we'll have to judge each other during the Open workouts, while it's not required, I'd encourage you to take the online Judge's Course. If you didn't do it last year it does cost $10 (I believe) but would be pretty valuable when it comes to ensuring that you understand the movements and know what to look for when judging someone. It'll just make for a more legitimate and honest test for everyone that way (and you might learn a thing or two). Besides, you don't want to allow any "bro-reps"...

101 & 201

A. Deadlift, 10@55%, 10@65%, 8@75%, 6@85%, 4@90%, 2@95%

Notes: 2.5 minute clock. All percentages are based of your most recent 1RM.


Compare to 01.07.14

AMRAP in 8 min:
12 box jump step-downs, 24"/20"
8 KB swing, 24/16kg
6 shoulder-to-overhead, 115/75


Rest 4 min


AMRAP in 8 min:
24 double unders
12 T2B
8 thrusters, 95/65

Notes: On the first AMRAP, 6-7+ rounds isn't out of the question. On the second AMRAP, 4-5+ rounds is possible, provided your proficient with DU's and T2B.

Post loads, rounds, and reps to Facebook.