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Tuesday 03.04.14


Awesome pic of two of the many that really gave it their all on Saturday, Emiliano and Jodi. Their positive attitudes and strong effort epitomize what the Open is about for most people: not sitting the sidelines, doing your best, and having a blast in the process. Well done you two!

101 & 201

A. Squat clean thruster (DEMO) ladder

Notes: Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes do one rep. If you're successful, men add 10lb each minute, ladies 5lb each minute. You may start at one of the three following weights based on your strength level:

A. 75/55
B. 115/75
C. 155/110

If you miss before the 10 minutes is up, drop to 10/5lb (men/women) under you heaviest successful weight and stay there for the remainder of the time. There won't be any bonus attempts so if you think you could go heavier than 90/45lb above your starting weight, consider starting at the next heaviest option.

Also, if you have to take a step to regain balance or if you jerk it in any way (re-bending the knees), that'll be a no-rep. Your heels can come off the ground but you cannot re-bend or take a step. Lastly, you'll have to change your weights within the minute as well so make sure the weights that you'll need are nearby for you.


5 min AMRAP:
15 wall balls
12 box jumps, 24"/20"
9 t2b

Rest 5 minutes


Notes: During the box jumps on the first set, jump up and jump down (not necessarily bounding). In the second set, jump up and step down. In the third set step up and jump down. Compare your results between the 3 sets and determine which technique is better for you. This could be valuable information in the future.

Post results and what you learned about box jumps to Facebook.