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Wednesday 03.19.14

Just for fun, here's the Sanctify Leaderboard. Love the participation! Two more weeks folks! Keep doing the best you can. The Open is one of the simplest, objective assessment of where you sit as a CrossFit athlete. It very clearly shows your strengths and weaknesses. Bring up your weaknesses and build upon your strengths. I'm proud of each and every one of you for your effort, your spirit, and how you support and push each other. Sanctify is something special.


A1. KB front rack/waiter's walk, 3x length of rack each arm
A2. MB sit-up throws, 3x15
A3. Single leg line hops, box pattern, 3x5 each leg (every trip around the box = 1)

Notes: After the first or second set of A1, try doing a double waiter's walk.

101 & 201

A. Back squat, 5@60%, 5@65%, 5@70%

Notes: 2 minute clock. This will be a light day before we crank it back up again next week. If you've done all of the squat days in the previous three weeks and have indeed been going all out on the final sets each workout, don't deviate from these percentages. Yes, it's supposed to be easy.

B. ME UB strict pull-ups + ME UB kipping pull-ups, 3 sets

Notes: 2:30 clock. In each set, you do as many strict pull-ups as possible, then without coming off the bar, go right into as many kipping pull-ups as possible. 101's should do regular pull-ups; 201's should do C2B kipping pull-ups. Your goal is more reps than last week.


EMOM x14:
Odd - 6 OH squats, 115/75lb + 30 double unders
Even - 4 deadlifts, 255/165lb + 6 lateral burpees over bar

Notes: Partner up and have each of you start at the opposite couplet. You'll need to partner with someone that will use the same weights as you because there won't be time to change weights. If you're not good at double unders consider dropping the reps to 15 or 20.

Post loads and results to Facebook.