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Wednesday 140409

photo 5

Tom M. during last week's power clean/double under WOD. This guy steadily improves just about every time he walks into the gym. His movement quality is continuing to improve as does his understanding of how to perform the movements. That combined with his always-upbeat-attitude makes Tom a real pleasure to have in class. You're doing great man. Keep it up.

A note/reminder on the prehab: We realize that the prehab exercises aren't always the most fun things to do. It's monotonous and boring. But, so is brushing your teeth and we all still do that. Why? Because spending a couple minutes scrubbing your pearly whites is worth not having cavities or clearing a room because of your bad breath. These prehab exercises are essentially the same thing. Spending a few minutes a few days each week doing these less-than-thrilling movements will be well worth it if they keep your shins/knees/back/shoulders/insert-oft-injured-body-part feeling strong, healthy, and pain-free. Just remember that. We don't prescribe this stuff just to keep you busy. There is reason to it and so I challenge you to treat is as such.


A1. 2-point plank (DEMO), 3x20-30 sec each side
A2. Banded split squat (DEMO), 3x8-10 each

Notes: With the 2-point plank, start on your elbow (as in the demo), then move to your hand if you can. Try to move from one side right to the other with out resting. On the banded split squat, make sure your knee tracks out like it would (should) during squats and regular lunges. Grip the floor with your foot to help stabilize your arch.

101 & 201

A1. Military press, 4x6 @ 3030, heavier than last week, rest 60 seconds
A2. Ring rows (101) or Barbell bent-over rows (201), 4x6 @ 3030, heavier than last week, rest 60 seconds

Notes: Remember, the first number of the tempo is the eccentric, second number is the pause (if any) at the bottom, third number is the concentric, fourth number is the pause (if any) at the top. This week the tempo is the same as last week, but only 6 reps per set instead of 8. That should allow you to increase the weight. Keep track of your weights!

Don't know why we bother with these tempos? Read this.


3x800m run

Notes: 10 minute clock. Like last week, if you haven't run all winter, just put in the meters with this. However, if you've been running and you felt good after last week's 400's, go ahead and push the pace with this.

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