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Thursday 140410

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Nicole getting set for her clean and then for the jerk. Still going strong after her second place finish in the Paleo Fitness Challenge. Keep it rolling!

101 & 201

A. 3-stop clean pulls + hang clean + jerk (DEMO, the positions are different but it shows the concept), 10 sets, build to heaviest possible

Notes: 1:15 clock. 3 stops: 1", below knee, mid-thigh. Like the snatch on Tuesday, get after this.


4 rounds:
45 sec T2B
rest 30 sec
45 sec push-ups
rest 30 sec
45 sec power cleans, 101 - 105/70; 201 - 135/95
rest 30 sec
45 sec run
rest 2 min

Notes: Goal is the same reps/work/output on all 4 rounds. On everything except the run, you most likely won't be able to go unbroken. Therefore rather than doing a big set, resting a long time, and then another big set, instead within each :45 interval do several small sets with no more than 5 seconds rest b/w small sets. On the power cleans, that probably just means dropping each rep to control your pace. The run will be done shuttle-style across that back lot.

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