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Wednesday 140423


Results from the last time we did this PC AMRAP @ 90% back on Dec. 20.


A1. 2-point plank (DEMO), 3x30-40 sec each side
A2. SL touch squat (DEMO), 3x10 each

101 & 201

A. Snatch, 15 minutes to build to a 1RM

Notes: Have your weights nearby and do as much bar warm-up as you want, but don't start loading until the 15 minutes begins. Again, keep the floor around you clear. NO TEN-ICIDE! When you're able to put on a 25 or 45, do it. Besides, it looks better and sounds cooler when you drop a bar with 45's on it rather than a bunch of 10's.

B. Power clean, 8 min to establish a 1RM
C. Power clean, 8 min AMRAP @ 90% of A

Notes: Rest precisely 2 minutes between A and B. Ensure that your power cleans are caught in a squat stance (not depth, just stance). Don't do this. The only acceptable form of a missed power clean is a clean.

Post results to Facebook and Google spreadsheet.