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Wednesday 140430


21 weeks and still going strong! Keep at it Rachel!


A1. Hollow (DEMO)/arch (DEMO) holds on floor, 3x20 sec. ea.
A2. SL touch squat (DEMO), 3x10 each

Notes: For the hollow holds, bring your sternum toward your belly button, thereby keeping your lumbar spine on the floor the entire time; stop and rest if your lumbar spine loses contact with the floor. Head is held neutral (do not bury chin in chest) and arms are stretched backward covering your ears so that there is no shoulder angle. The goal is to have a long hollow body shape.

The arch holds will be done with legs straight and together, toes pointed, head neutral. Be sure to open your shoulders as much as possible and focus on letting the arch come from your entire body, not just your lumbar spine. Your glutes should be ON FIRE if you do this right. PVC is optional, but helps keep your arms by your ears and not floating out to the sides.

We will be doing all of this gymnastics work with 12 year old Romanian Gymnast form– straight knees, pointed toes, squeezing your glutes as much as possible.

101 (if your upper body push/pull ratio <60%)

If you're still confused about all this tempo stuff, check this out. Good write up and a video that explains it very well also...

A1. Push-up, 4x10 @42X0
A2. Pull-up (pronated), 4x8 @30X0

Notes: A1 and A2 on a 3:30 clock. The tempo is the priority on these! Only add weight/make it more difficult when the tempo can be maintained. No knee push-ups allowed; if you can't do them from your toes at the prescribed sets/reps and tempo, place your hands on an elevated bar. If you need more than one large band to do the pull-ups as prescribed, do ring rows instead.

201 (if your upper body push/pull ratio >60%)

A1. Ring push-up, 4x10 @42X0
A2. Pull-up (pronated), 4x8 @30X0

Notes: Same rules as 101.


5x250m row @ maximal effort

Work-to-rest ratio based on 500m PR:
>1:40M/1:55F - 1:3 work-to-rest
<1:40M/1:55F - 1:4 work-to-rest

Notes: Partner/triple up with someone of similar abilities. Work-rest ratios are minimums. If you end up resting a bit longer due to numbers, it's not a big deal. Rows should be all out!

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