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Friday 140516

One of the things that we found from the testing we did recently was that most people's 1RM power clean was uncomfortably close their their 1RM clean & jerk. On a power clean the bar must travel a much greater distance than it does on a clean or jerk so you shouldn't be able to do nearly as much weight. So when people can power clean close to (or as much as) they can C&J, it means one of two things: 1) you lack squat strength and therefore standing up out of the clean is the limiter, or 2) your jerk is terrible. Well, based on the back squat numbers that people were putting up relative to their C&J, I don't think it's a lack of squat strength (certainly that could always improve but it's not the main reason). That means you all need to get a lot better at your split jerk.

Take 7 minutes to watch the above video. There's some very good stuff here about the split jerk and we'll be doing a couple of these drills in class in preparation for today's C&J work.

101 (C&J is less than 100%M/75%F of BW)

A. 2 cleans from below knee + 1 jerk, 8 sets @ heavier than last week, 1:45 clock

Notes: The start position should be the same as it was for the snatch on Monday: shoulders over bar, shins vertical, weight on heels.

201 (C&J is at least 100%M/75%F of BW)

A. 2 cleans from below knee + 1 jerk, 8 sets @75%, 1:45 clock


4 sets @ 100% effort, each on a 5 minute clock:
5 TnG power cleans, ADD WEIGHT EACH SET
8 burpees AFAP
12M/9F cals AD, AFAP

Notes: Go all out on these. Yes, you do have to add weight to each set of PC. Set up your equipment so transitions happen as quick as possible. You should finish each round in under 60 seconds.

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