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Tuesday 140520


Carlene's first pull. Notice how her back angle in the second picture is the same as it is in the first. Her shoulders are out over the bar, shins vertical, and she has swept the bar back toward her. Great postitions. Very well done!

Next Monday is Memorial Day, and in addition to us having limited hours (we'll have classes at 7, 8, and 9AM) we'll be doing the hero WOD, "Murph" as well. If any of you saw the movie Lone Survivor, Lt. Michael Murphy is the soldier whom the workout is named in honor of. Go rent that movie if you haven't seen it. Then join us next Monday as we honor our men and women who have served this country.

101 & 201

A. Back squat, 3x6@70%, 2x6@75%, 2:30 clock
B. Russian KB swings, 3x15 AHAP, 2:15 clock

Notes: Understand the similarities between the goodmornings we've been doing and the Russian KB swing. Hips go back, shins stay vertical, torso tips forward, strong and explosive hip and knee extension. With the swings, you should additionally focus on squeezing your glutes and quads and tightening your abs at each lockout. We're doing this for strength building, not conditioning, so don't shy away from the weights. I expect some ladies to use the 32kg or heavier 'bells and men to do 40kg or more (do double swings if you need to/can).


5 sets @ fast pace, each on 3:00 clock
10 DB thrusters (see notes for weights)
150m row

Notes: Each round should take you 60 seconds or less (we're looking for around a 1:2 work-to-rest ratio) so hit it pretty hard. If you're working in a group of three people to one erg, you're gonna have to work together to reset the erg and transition quickly. Make it happen. Recommended DB weights:

BS 1RM >300/200 then use AT LEAST 40/25lb per hand
BS 1RM <300/200 then use 35/20lb per hand (give or take)

Don't shy away from the DB weights. If after a couple of rounds you're still feeling strong then up the weight a bit.

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