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Wednesday 140521

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Tom M. during last week's back squats. I really appreciate this guy's diligence in putting in the effort day in and day out. He just quietly goes about his business and is steadily making progress as a result. Keep it up Tom!


A. Rolling hollow/arch holds on floor (aka Bananas), 3 sets of 2x15 sec each (1 min per set)

101 (if your upper body push/pull ratio <60%)

A1. Push-up, 6x5 @30X0
A2. Pull-up (pronated), 6x3 @30X0

Notes: A1 and A2 on a 2:30 clock. This is the last week with these movements so really push the loads.

201 (if your upper body push/pull ratio >60%)

A1. Ring push-up, 6x5 @30X0
A2. Pull-up (pronated), 6x3 @30X0

Notes: See 101.


On the first minute: 10 t2b
On the second minute: 10 burpees
On the third minute: 10 push presses, 101 - 95/65; 201 - 115/75

Notes: Where you start does not matter. Focus on maintaining a consistent pace throughout the 18 minutes. Practice breathing while you're working and see how fast you can complete the work each minute without dropping off the pace.

Post loads and results to Facebook.