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Wednesday 140528


Scott E., a regular in our PM classes, decided when he built a deck on his vacation trailer that he may as well add a pull-up bar. And if you've got a pull-up bar then you need a jump box too. Way to go man! That's a pretty legit set-up and looks like it'll serve you well even when you can't make it to Sanctify.


A. Rolling hollow/arch holds on floor (aka Bananas), 3 sets of 2x20 sec each (1:20 per set)


A1. Narrow-grip floor press, 4x10 @40X0
A2. Ring row, 4x8 @30X3

Notes: 3:30 clock. Grip width on the FP should be such that when the arms are fully extended, they run parallel to each other (for most that will have your index finger right on the edge of the smooth part of the bar). Be sure to keep the elbows tucked right along side the body. Pay attention to the tempos on these movements. The NGFP has a 4 second eccentric (lowering) and the ring row has a 3 second hold at the top and 3 second eccentric. The tempo combined with the number of reps will probably keep you from going very heavy on this first week. Record your weights as we will be progressing for the next four weeks. On the ring row take note of your body angle; as the reps decrease over the next four weeks your body should be getting closer to parallel with the ground.


A1. Narrow-grip floor press, 4x10 @40X0
A2. Pendlay row (DEMO), 4x8 @30X3

Notes: 3:30 clock. See 101 notes for FP instructions. Watch the demo of the Pendlay rows. If you've done traditional bent-over rows before, you'll likely find these much harder because you're forced to keep your back parallel with the floor. That combined with the tempo (3 second hold with the bar against your upper stomach and 3 second eccentric) and the reps will keep the weight pretty light. To get the most out of this, don't cheat the movement and don't deviate from the tempo.


3 sets @ tough effort:
25 walking lunges
20 American KB swings, 24/16kg
30 sec side bridge/side
20 alt'g box step-ups, 24"/20"
5 DB man-makers, moderate weight

Rest while partner goes

Notes: Partner up with someone of similar abilities. You'll work one at a time alternating sets (you'll get roughly a 1:1 work-to-rest) until you've each done three sets. DB man-maker = DB burpee squat clean thruster.

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