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Thursday 140529

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I love squat day! And it's people like Kevin that make it so awesome. He pushes himself every day and his desire to learn, understand, and improve is very evident. Awesome!

101 & 201

Rest Day

Option 1 - Make up the snatch work from Monday that we skipped: Snatch from high-hang (knees only), 7x3@70-75% (or heavier than 140428), 1:30 clock

Option 2 - Skill work:
A. Ring or bar hollow/arch swings (starting at 1:12), 3x10
B. Feet on box hollow to arch with pull (starting at 4:40), 3x5
C. Transitions with band (starting at 11:00), 3x5

Option 3 - Recovery work such as 20+ minutes of easy aerobic activity, foam rolling, mobility/stretching, etc.

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