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Tuesday 140603


Beware if you choose Brady as your training partner.

Some of you already have, but if not and you're interested, there's still time to sign up to compete in the Granite Games as part of the CrossFit Sanctify Community. The online qualifier starts this week in fact. We've got about 13 people signed up already and we'd love to have more. If you've got questions about the process or what's involved, feel free to send Paul an email.

101 & 201

A. Back squat, 2x6@75%, 3x5@80%, 2:30 clock

Notes: Same percentages as last week but more of the volume is done at the heavier percentage. This is week 6 out of 12 for our current strength cycle. You've been gradually accumulating volume with moderate intensity. Next week will be the last week of accumulation before we "concentrate" the training load. More details on what all that means will follow in the coming weeks. Just know that we're slow-cooking the squats right now but the pressure cooker is coming. This is gonna be good.

B. Russian KB swings, 3x15 heavier than last week or 3x20 same as last week, 2:15 clock


For time:
thrusters, 95lb

Notes: 10 minute cut-off. Yes, it's Fran. However, don't get all goofy just because it's Fran. This isn't a test per se, but rather training, so don't get all worked up over it. Now, if you do PR, by all means good for you. But don't you dare think about holding back on the squats or KB swings because you want to "save yourself" for today's conditioning piece. It's just another workout.

Post loads and times to comments.