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Wednesday 140625

No words, B-Rad. No words.

101 & 201

A. Front squat, 10 min to build to 3RM, 1x3@95%, 1x3@90%, drop sets on 2:30

Notes: Same thing as last week. Try and hit more than last week, even if just 5lb more. But, if you don't, it's not the end of the world. Go as heavy as you can TODAY.

B1. Press, 4x3.3.3, rest :20/1:00
B2. Pull-up (pronated), 4x3.3.3, rest :20/1:00

Notes: These are clusters. You'll do 3 reps, rest 20 sec, 3 reps, rest 20 sec, 3 reps, rest 1 min before going to the pull-ups and doing the same thing. That's one set. You've got 4 sets. Re-rack the bar between clusters of 3. Oh yeah, go AHAP but still get your reps!

C1. PVC shoulder raises (DEMO), 3x10
C2. Handstand shoulder shrugs (DEMO), 3x10

Notes: About the PVC shoulder raise, courtesy of Outlaw Connectivity, "Lay stomach down on the floor with perfectly straight knees and pointed toes. Hold a PVC pipe in front of you shoulder width apart. Keep your nose on the ground and raise your arms up as high as possible. Take your time with this movement, and fight to keep your elbows locked out. Mastering this stretch is going to be the easiest way to improve your muscle ups. Trust me." Regarding the HS shoulder shrugs, maintaining the hollow position is key here. Don't rush either movement. Take your time and do them well. That's how you'll get the most out of them.

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