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Wednesday 140702

How awesome is Rachel?! While I know there are days when the workouts are more challenging than she'd like (which I'm gonna say is expected), overall she's not letting that baby bump slow her down. You're an inspiration to us all Rachel! Keep at it!

101 & 201

A. Front squat, 10 min to build to 3RM, then 1x3@95%, 1x3@90%, drop sets on 2:30

Notes: Last week of the FS 3RMs. Any amount heavier than last week, even 5lb, is a win.

B1. Press, 4x3.3.3, rest :20/1:00
B2. Pull-up (pronated), 4x3.3.3, rest :20/1:00

Notes: Yes we did this same set/rep scheme last week for the press and pull-ups. I'm assuming that most of you were either unfamiliar with or out of practice with the cluster sets so your weight choices may have been a bit inaccurate. Now with a week of it under your belt you should have a better idea as to what weights to use. If last week you missed some reps on your last set, your goal this week should be to use the same load but now get all of the reps. If you got all of your reps last week, you're gonna want to add only a small (5lb) amount this week. 

C1. PVC shoulder raises (DEMO), 3x10
C2. Handstand shoulder shrugs (DEMO), 3x10

Notes: We realize that depending on your shoulder mobility and strength, these two movements may prove to be quite challenging. We'll coach you through them so just do the best you can!

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