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Tuesday 140715

Stay tuned for competition updates: First off, we had four ladies compete in the No Baby, Leave The Socks On competition held across the country at various locations this past Saturday. Mary Henningfield competed in Crystal Lake, IL at CrossFit North Wall and took 10th place in the scaled division. Mary is one of Sanctify's original members and has participated in numerous competitions since then. She always represents well and makes us super-proud. Well done, Mary!

We'll highlight the other three ladies tomorrow...

101 & 201

A. Back squat, 5x1@95%, 2:15 clock

Notes: Yep, it's heavy. Should be about 5-10lb more than last week for you. Get after it today and blow these up!


EMOM x12:
Odd - 5 deadlifts @ 55-60% 1RM up to 275/185
Even - 5-8 HSPU

Notes: If you don't have 5 UB HSPU, you may decrease the ROM or do a wall-facing HS hold for 20-30 seconds.


2 min max cals AD

Notes: Full effort on this. Really go for it. We'll split up and go in heats based on numbers.

Post loads, cals, and how it goes to Facebook.