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Wednesday 140716


Also competing over the weekend in the "No Baby, Leave the Socks On" competition at Kettle Moraine CrossFit were Anna Marie, Alyson, and Natalie (L-R in first photo). Anna Marie and Nat finished 2nd and 3rd place overall, respectively, and it was actually Alyson's first exercise competition, having just started at Sanctify less than 8 months ago. We're proud of you ladies and know you represent Sanctify well wherever you're at. Awesome work and great socks!

101 & 201

A1. Press, 4x1., rest :10/1:00
A2. Pull-up (pronated), 4x1., rest :10/1:00

Notes: Do your first set today at the last weight you ended with last week. Push the weight today!


For time:

800m run
21 KB swings (American), 101 - 24/16kg; 201 - 32/24kg
21 pull-ups

400m run
15 KB swings
15 pull-ups

250m run
9 KB swings
9 pull-ups

Notes: 17 min cut-off. Obviously, if you're not ready to be doing American swings yet, do Russian instead.

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