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Saturday 140802


Remember, Fitness and Performance programming starts on Monday! While you can test into Performance at any time, if you'd like to get started right way on Monday, Saturday is your last opportunity to do the test before then. Alyson has tested into Performance already...will you?

101 & 201

A. Front squat, 20 minutes to build to 1RM

Notes: Do as much empty bar warm-up as you'd like, but no weight above 135/85 goes on the bar until the 20 minutes begins. Be sure to keep the floor around you clear of weights and other stuff in case you need to dump it. There's no way to spot a front squat so the floor must be clear if you have to dump it.


2k row for time

Notes: This is a test. Set your monitor to count down from 2000. We'll go in rolling heats: as soon as an erg become available hop on, get set, and go for it. Let your coach know if you're going for the record board.

Post loads and times to Facebook and Google spreadsheet.