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Monday 140804

This strong lady squatted a monsterous 270lb last week (not pictured here but you get the idea)! Awesome job Sue. Your consistency over the long haul is paying off. Keep at it.


For the next 4 weeks, Fitness we will be building volume, while keeping intensity at or below 85% with the main lifts. This week won’t be too bad as far as volume is concerned. Stick to the prescribed percentages and reps, even if it feels a little light. We want to give your tissues a chance to catch up with all of the work you did last week during testing and even in the weeks leading up to testing. Enjoy the “break” because the rest of August will definitely challenge you!

A. Back Squat, 2x3@75%, 1x3@80%, 2x3@85%, 2:30 clock
B. Back Squat, AMRAP @70%

Notes: For today, you are going to perform 5 sets of 3 reps, followed by a “back off” set. Stick to the workout as prescribed. If you finish your 5th set and find that it was challenging then perform B at 65%, otherwise get as many reps as you can at 70%. Do not go over 12 reps for B.


8 min AMRAP:
10 KB Snatch left, 24kg/16kg
150ft shuttle run (25' and back, 50' and back)
10 KB Snatch right, 24kg/16kg
150ft shuttle run (25' and back, 50' and back)
rest 8 min
8 min AMRAP:
30 DU
10 Burpee pull-ups


Do the math. Not including warm-ups, you've got 25 minutes worth of work today. We'll start squat warm-ups 5-10 minutes into class so get here early if you need more time to warm-up.

A. Back squat 3x15 @ 20X1, 4:30 clock

Notes: Yes, 15 reps per set. Start at 50-55% and go up each set.

B. EMOM x10
odd – 3 burpee muscle-ups (*rings)
even – 40 DU

Notes: *Assume "ring muscle-up" unless "bar muscle-up" is explicitly stated.

10 min AMRAP @ 90% effort pacing
3 wall balls
3 Russian KB swings**, 24/16kg
3 burpees
6 wb
6 burpee

Notes: Add three each round. Compare to 140719. **Assume American KB swings unless otherwise stated, as in this case.

Post which workout, loads, and rounds/reps to Facebook.