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Thursday 140807

Seems like an appropriate rest day photo wouldn't you say? Just Nat and Sarah doing Army things. Always keeping it lively!

House of Brews, our neighbors to the east, are hosting a large event this Friday evening for the Great Taste of the Midwest Beer Festival. There'll be a public beer tasting from 4-10PM and will include live bands and food carts. There will be a section of the parking lot in front of the gym roped off for the beer garden but we'll still have access to our front door and you can park on the west side of our building, the east end of the front parking lot, and you can park on the street as well. Heck, you can even park in the back for that matter. This should really only affect the PM classes I believe.

I expect that some of you won't find this as an inconvenience at all but are rather excited about the prospect of food and beer being so readily accessible. Just make sure you actually come to the gym and workout first. Class is still in session.

Rest Day/Open Gym

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