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Tuesday 140812

Alyson was killing it on the rope climbs today. Notice her technique here. In the first photo notice how her legs are bent and arms fully outstretched. From here all she'll need to do is "stand up" using her legs and her hands will just walk up the rope, hardly contributing to pulling herself at all. This technique allows you to save your upper body and use your much stronger legs. "Stand" yourself up the rope, don't "pull" yourself up. Great job Alyson!


A. Press, 2x4@70%, 2x4@75%, 1x4@80%, 3:00 clock

B. Cleans from high-hang, 3x3@80%, 2:00 clock
C. C&J, 5x1 @ heavier than last week, 1:30 clock

Notes: This week we are moving up from 5x3 to 5x4, but we end with 80% instead of 85%. If you feel like you can go up then do it, but only go up a little… NO MISSED REPS! B will be the same as it was last week. Continue to get faster under the bar and get rid of the slack. If you didn’t have any misses for C last week then add weight. If you missed 1 or more reps last week then stay at the same weight.


3 Rounds for max reps of:
1min ME HSPU
1min ME box jump (step down)
1min ME AD

Notes: Today is basically 9 min at max effort. You will cycle through the stations in the order they are written, but can begin at any station you want. Work hard and transition quickly!


10 rounds for time:
500m row
15 burpees

Notes: Well this just got real didn't it. This is an aerobic power tester. Note split times for first 5 rounds, second 5 rounds, and total time. Seriously record your times. J-Earley in 31:47 if you're curious.

Post loads, reps, and times to Facebook.