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Wednesday 140813

B-Rad with a solid reverse lunge.

A very good question was posed on one of our recent Facebook posts (thanks Dave!) regarding, essentially, training goals, methods, and why we prescribe what we do here at Sanctify. You may have seen the response on that thread, but if not, I wanted to make you all aware of it as it does provide some direction for where the Fitness program is headed in the near and mid-term future and also for our philosophy in general. Ryan did a great job of explaining it all...

"In traditional periodized weight training you will go through different phases like stregnth, endurance, power, etc.. While in a given phase everything is programmed for the single purpose of improving that goal. CrossFit is built around cross-training, which is a mix of all of the above, performed in the same session, for long periods of time.

At Sanctify we take it a step further, combining traditional weight training and traditional CrossFit. While traditional weight training is very effective it puts too much focus on one goal (strength). Traditional CrossFit is also very effective for building foundational levels of fitness, but we feel that it is too broad, and has too much variety to bring a person above a foundational level of fitness. By combining the two we put a focus on a specific area of fitness, while maintaining/improving the other areas at the same time, but not necessarily to the same degree. We do this to help you improve all areas of fitness slowly and steadily throughout the year.

We knew Monday was going to leave some people sore on Tuesday and Wednesday. The sore buns aren't because we stacked lunges with squats. We do squats weekly and if you are staying hydrated and eating a proper diet you shouldn't feel the after effects of a heavy squat day. The soreness is because we don't typically do very many lunges, which is a movement we will be trying to incorporate more over the next few weeks.

Leading up to August we were focusing a lot on strength and power for testing week. For August we are shifting the attention back to volume. It's only going to be for four weeks (this being week two) and it will be a lot of work. If you look at the way the week is laid out you will see that Monday is hard on the legs, Tuesday is hard on the upper body, Wednesday is low-impact, long-duration cardio. Friday we start back up with full body, and Saturday is low-impact, long-duration again but slightly more intense than Wednesday and with some weights. The idea behind this is to get a lot of volume for a muscle group and then give that group time to recover, instead of hitting the muscle group everyday and never really stressing it but never really letting it recover either. If we were to squat Monday and then do an upper body metcon then it would take away from Tuesday's upper body work. And if Tuesday's metcon was lower body dominant then we might interrupt recovery from Monday's squats.

This will change to some degree next month, but in CrossFit, workouts like Monday's will just show up sometimes because there are only so many movements that are worth doing, and we try to do them often to get better at them."

A. Strict pull-ups, AMRAP in 10 min

Notes: For A, if you can get BW pull ups then go up in reps. If you are using assistance then move up in difficulty. Remember, the goal is to finish the month with a stronger pull up the you began with!


With a partner:

Row: Max distance in 10 min, switching every 250m
Rest 5 min
AD: Max cals in 10 min, switching 15 cals
Rest 5 min
Run: Max distance in 10 min, done in alt'g 75m pieces

Notes: You will complete the WOD with a partner. This will be an “IGUG” (I go, You go) WOD, so only one person will be working at a time. The three stations will be the rower, the AD, and running. The goal at each station will be to cover as much distance as you can in the given time.


A. Power clean, TnG, 4x3.3.3, rest :10/2:00
B. Split jerk from rack, build to a max in 10 min
C. EMOM x12
Odd – 5-6 CTB pull-ups, increase by 1 rep every odd min 
Even – 3-4 HSPU, increase by 1 rep every even min 

Notes: Add weight per set on A. These will be tough so start conservatively and build. On B, if you're feeling it go for something. Otherwise just get heavy, quality reps in. For C, as an example, if you start with 5 C2B you'll go to 6 the next round, 7 after that, etc. Same for the HSPU. If you fail to do the next number, start back at the beginning. Focus on breathing during these reps.


For time:
Run 800m
30 t2b
10 wall walks
30 Russian KBS, 32/24kg
Run 800m

Post loads, reps, distance, and times to Facebook.