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Tuesday 140819

Roman is slowly but surely making steady progress in all areas of his performance. Reason why? He's consistent in showing up (4+ times per week), works hard when he's here, and heeds the advice from the coaches on how to improve. Keep it up man. You're on your way!

A. Press: 1x5@70%, 1x5@75%, 3x5@80%; 3:00 clock
B. Cleans from high-hang: 3x3@85%; 2:00 clock
C. Clean and Jerk: 5x1@ Heavier than last week; 1:30 clock

Notes: If you didn't have any misses last week go up for the C&J. If you missed one or more reps use the same weight and try to get all 5 reps.


8min AMRAP:
Wall Ball, 20/14
1each, 2each, 3each, 4each....

Notes: You will do 1 WB followed by 1 burpee, followed by 2 WB and 2 burpees, then 3 WB and 3 burpees. This pattern will continue for 8min.


10 mins 85% effort:
200m row
8 box jump step-downs, 20"/24″
5 power snatch, 115/75

rest 5mins

10 mins 85% effort:

5 clean and jerks, 115/75 (G-S, S-OH)
8 deadlifts, 115/75
10 alt'g step-ups, 20"/24″
25 UB DU

rest 5mins

10 mins 85% effort:

Run 250m
4 alt'g Turkish get-ups, tough weight you pick

Notes: We'll spend some time reviewing TGU technique before starting.

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