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Friday 140822

Brandi has been back at it in the Performance group and we're glad to have her. She's so willing to learn and work hard because she really wants to get good at this stuff. Keep it up Brandi!


A. Snatch: All reps @75%+; 3x2 from high-hang, 3x2 from below the knee, 3x2 full ROM; 1:30 clock

B. Front squat: 3x8-10 @heavier than last week

5 rounds for time:
5 power cleans, 135/95
10 S-OH, 135/95
20 Lateral bar jumps

Notes: For both A and B, try to go up in weight from last week. 15 min cut-off on conditioning. Scale load as needed but it stays the same for the PC and S-OH.


A. Back squat, EMOM x10, 2 reps @22X1, 50-60% 1RM
B. DB RFESS, 3x10-12/leg @ 30X0, rest 90 sec b/w legs
5 sets 85% effort:
20 walk lunges
15 box jump step-downs, 20"/24″
10 front squat, 65% of 1RM
60 DU
rest 2 mins b/w sets

Notes: Speed squats same as last Friday just 2 more sets, keep weight same from last week. Use parallette under rear foot (like this)...note the tempo! Grinder pace on last piece and yes, you've got to clean the FS.

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