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Wednesday 140903

"Maybe you want to lose weight to be able to play with your grandkids. Maybe you have an autoimmune disease that can be helped by eating real food. Maybe you want to have more respect and understanding of where your food came from. Whatever your “WHY” is, embrace it. It is there to help you learn more and give you the motivation to eat real food and reach your health goals." - from Pushing Past Fads and Finding Your Why

The Lurong Living Paleo Challenge starts in just under two weeks on September 15. We've got a small handful of folks signed up already (you guys rock!) to participate on the Sanctify team and I know more of you are considering. Take the leap and do it. I mean, what's the downside in spending 8 weeks eating real food, trying new recipes, testing yourself in some benchmark workouts, all the while participating with a group of like-minded individuals? I don't see one. Go register now!

15 min AMRAP:
15 burpees
10 box jump, 24"/20"
5 CTB pull-ups
250M run

Rest 8min

6min ME row

Rest 6min

6min ME AD


5 rounds @ 60-70% effort:
Row 500m
100 single unders
1 min FLR on rings w/turnout
50m farmer's walk, 32/24kg KB per hand

- Flush out
- Easy aerobic pace; don’t go too hard

Post results to Facebook.