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Thursday 140904

We had quite a few PRs on Tuesday due to the "CrossFit Total." Jessica E. is here with a pretty big deadlift PR for her. She admitted to me that getting strong is actually pretty fun. I couldn't agree more Jessica! Keep it up and the PRs will keep rolling!

"...until you actually work to address these imbalances, they just get worse. Like I always tell my clients - the strong get stronger, the weak get weaker. You see, your body will automatically do what it knows best. If your glutes are weak and quads strong, which muscle group do you think will be your go-to when you start doing squats? Your quads, of course." - from You're Not Getting Stronger Because You Don't Know How to Move

This is a pretty good read on the importance of correcting imbalances, improving mobility and stability, and strengthening weak muscle groups. Might give you some ideas on what to do on a rest day even!
Rest Day/Open Gym

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