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Tuesday 140909

Nat, our resident gymnasty extraordinaire, knocking out some HSPU during Monday's Performance workout. Stellar!

A. OHS from rack: 5x3, begin at 75% of 1RM snatch and build per set; 2:00 clock
B. 1 snatch deadlift + 1 snatch: 6 sets, begin at 75% and build per set; 1:45 clock
Both parts with a partner:
8min to accumulate as many 75M relays as possible (holding a Dynamax ball) 20/14lb
Rest 4min
8min AMRAP:
30 Mountain climbers

Notes: Only one partner works at a time. For the first part, if the ball touches the ground at any point both partners must complete 10 burpees. On the second part, alternate complete rounds with your partner.


5 sets @ 80-90% effort:
Run 400m
15 wall balls, 20/14lb to 10′ target (men & women)
15 no push-up burpee box jump step-down, 24″/20"
15 HR push-ups
50 unbroken DU
rest 5mins b/w sets

- all sets same pace
- we'll start each set as a group
- change the order of movements for all sets as follows...
Set 1: as written
Set 2: HRPU, DU, Run, NPUBBJ, WB
Set 3: DU, WB, NPUBBJ, HRPU, Run
Set 4: WB, NPUBBJ, DU, Run, HRPU
Set 5: NPUBBJ, Run, HRPU, DU, WB

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