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Tuesday 140916

A few highlights from the snatch event at the Granite Games for the Sanctify community team. This was our best-finishing event, 7th place overall. Unfortunately you don't see any of the ladies (come on FloElite!) but there are a couple shots of myself and Reed. Everyone hit PRs so it was a great effort and a good start to the weekend for us.

A. OHS: 5x2, heavier than last week; 2:00 clock
B. 1 snatch grip deadlift + 1 snatch: 6x1, begin at 75% and build per set; 1:45 clock
8 min AMRAP:
5x Power Snatch 115/75
5x OHS 115/75
250M Run

Rest 4min

8min AMRAP:
10x Front Squat 115/75
3x Wall Walk
30 DU

Notes: For the conditioning, if you need to scale the wall walks then do 8 HRPU. If you need to scale the DU's then do 30 target touches.


A. Clean deadlift, build to a tough single in 8mins
B. Hang PC, build to a tough single in 8mins
C. EMOM x6: 5 TnG PS (95-155 males; 55-95 females)
5mins amrap 90% effort:
15 PS, 75/55
30 DU

rest 8mins

5mins amrap 90% effort:

15 PS, 75/55
30 DU

- no mixed grip and no straps on A but hookgrip should be used
- same set-up and posture as for a clean...think "clean" more than "deadlift"
- no "clean jacks" on B; feet land no wider than squat stance or it doesn't count

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