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Tuesday 140923

Scott and Kevin working through Lurong Challenge WOD #3, "The Triple Tester," last week. A bit of a burner 'eh?

A.OHS: 5x3, Heavier than last week. 2:00 clock
B. 1 snatch grip deadlift + 1 snatch: 6x1, begin at 75% and build per set; 1:45 clock
5 Rounds, each on a 3 min clock:
6 Front squats @ 75% 1RM Clean
10 Burpees
10 Swings

Notes: We are going back up to 5x3 for the OHS today. They don't necessarily have to be unbroken, but try for it. By now you should be getting more comfortable in the bottom position so try to build to heavier than your 1RM snatch. The more volume you can accumulate at 100% of your 1RM (+) the better you will feel when you catch the bar during a snatch. For the conditioning, you must clean the bar from the floor to set up for the FS. Any time left once you finish the swings will be rest.


A. Close grip bench press, 5x5 @ 30X0; rest 3mins
B1. 3″ deficit HSPU, 3xAMRAP (15rep max); rest 20sec
B2. L pull-up (supinated), 3x4-8; rest 20sec
B3. 10 double KB clean and jerk, 24/16kg; rest 20sec
B4. 3xAMRAP rope climbs in 45sec; rest 3mins
Every 2 mins x5 sets: 4 alt'g TGU, 24-32/16-24kg

- build to a tough 5 and stay there for bench
- kipping on HSPU and black 45lb plate under each hand
- knees straight and toes pointed on L pull-up

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