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Friday 141003

Congrats to Billy and Jamie Froeschner on the recent birth of their twin boys, Henry and Elliot. The kiddos look great and we've even seen Billy back in the 5AM class a couple of times since. We're happy for you both!

A. Clean: 8x1, build to AHAP, 1:00 clock
B. Back Squat: 5x2, up from last week, 2:00 clock
C. Split Jerk: 5x1, from rack, build to AHAP, 1:15 clock
2min ME AD, for cal

Notes: A - These will be full cleans. We've spent the past few weeks working on transitioning around the knee, and pulling from different positions. Now it's time to put it all together. B - We're dropping back down to 5x2, so weight should go up from last week. C - Build to AHAP, but don't count the rep if you press it out. Focus on leg drive!


A. close grip bench press, build to a tough 5
B. EMOM x12:
odd – 5 TnG push press @ 60% 1RM + 20 DU
even – 7-10 CTB pull-ups
C. EMOM x12:
odd – 8-10 HSPU
even – 5 pendlay row (DEMO)
For time:
30 wall balls, 20/14lb to 10′ TARGET MEN AND WOMEN
20 PC and jerk, 135/95
10 muscle-ups

- A shouldn't necessarily be a 5RM, but can be if you're feeling it
- focus on speed and cycle time for both EMOMs
- record time on workout (hint: you may see it again)

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