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Monday 141013

Zach knocking out a muscle-up. Notice how deep he is after the transition over the rings - shoulder well below the elbow. You need to do your ring dips that deep if you want to have the ability to turnover a muscle-up and still press out of it. It's the same thing as squatting just to parallel and then struggling to stand up with a heavy clean that you catch well below parallel. Strength is specific to a certain range of motion. If you want to have strength throughout a complete range of motion, quit cutting your squats, dips, pull-ups and push-ups short.

A. Deadlift: 10x1, build to 95%+, 1:15 clock
B. Press: 5x1.1.1, on the :20/rest 2:00
Odd: Thruster x6, heavy
Even: CTB x5

Notes: This week will look a lot like last week, as far as the barbell work goes. The goal again this week is to build volume at near max weights. No missed reps! No max efforts. If you missed any reps last week then your goal is to build to that same weight and complete at least one rep at that weight. Save the max effort stuff for next week when we retest CrossFit total and weightlifting total. A-get to 95% in the first few rounds and try to stay there for as many rounds as you can. B-Try to go up from last week.


Monday and Tuesday will have a lot of work before we pull back the volume on Wednesday. Get here on time and pack a lunch.

A. Back squat clusters, 4x1.1.1.1; rest 15sec/rest 3mins
B1. BB on back RFESS, 3x6-8/leg @30X1; rest 20sec
B2. CTB pull-ups, 3xME UB; rest 3mins
C. 30 man makers for time, 40/25lb DB per arm; every min complete 4 burpees (start first min w/burpees)
10mins @85% effort:
row 200m
bear crawl 50ft

rest 3mins

10min @85% effort

HS walk, 15ft
5 squat cleans, 155/105
farmers walk 50ft, 32/24kg KB per arm

- build per set on squat clusters
- focus on tempo for RFESS
- if less than 10 CTB do 2-3sets in cluster form; rest 15sec b/w CTB sets
- many variations of "manmakers" out there...this is what we're doing
- work on sustainable pace for 10min work