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Tuesday 141021

Just want to give a shout-out to Al, Zach, and Matt (shown here competing in the finals) as they competed in the Festivus Games held by CrossFit LaCrosse over this past weekend. Word on the street is that they had a good time and took some names too. Well done men!

A. EMOMx12:
Odd- 15 KBS, 32/20kg
Even- AD for cal, 20/15

Rest 3min

B. EMOMx12:

Odd- 5 HSPU
Even- 8 TTB

Rest 3min

C. EMOMx12:

Odd- 5 Box jumps to a tall box
Even- 20 Abmat sit ups

Notes: Scale for HSPU is HRPUx10.


A. EMOM x16:
odd – 2 HPC; moderate weight, waveload
even – 20 DU + 2 ring MU
B. EMOM x16:
odd – 5 TnG deadlifts; moderate, same loads throughout
even – 7 ring dips, kipping
Lurong Challenge WOD #7 "Dynamix"
7 min AMRAP:
6 HSPU (head and hands on same plane at bottom)
8 KB swings, 32/24kg (American)
12 SDHP, 32/24kg

- weights can go up and down on HPC, probably 50-70% 1RM
- e.g. 50-55-60-65-55-60-65-70%
- same loads across for DL, work on breathing under load
- no more than 4 min b/w EMOMs