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Wednesday 141022

Meet Nicole and Blair. These two ladies work together and decided to give Sanctify a try together as well. They've only been in class for a short time but I know they're enjoying their time already and are looking forward to continued progress. Be sure to introduce yourself if you haven't yet; I'm sure they'll be happy to meet you!
Just a friendly reminder that we'd like to get a headcount for our Open House and B4B Fundraiser coming up in less than two weeks on November 1. If you'll be attending we'd like you to RSVP as soon as possible in one of two places:

If you'll be participating in "Grace" with us, follow this link and sign up for whether you want to do it as Rx'd, Scaled, or as a First timer. Note that when you sign up here you'll be prompted to pay $20; all of that money will be going straight to Barbells for Boobs.

If you'll be stopping by sometime during the morning but aren't planning on doing the workout, please just let us know by providing your name and email here.

Also, please direct your friends and family to either link as well. Certainly if someone doesn't RSVP, they can and should still attend (we'd love to have them!). We just want to make sure we've got enough food on hand.

Thanks all!

A. Overhead squat:8min to build to a max single
B. Power snatch: 8min to build to a max single
C. Power clean: 8min to build to a max single

Notes: Use today to get used to practicing both lifts (snatch and clean) in the same day, since we'll be testing both on Friday. Sometimes the power variations of the lifts can be "muscled" through; that's not the point of these. Make the reps clean, snappy, and quick. The only difference between the power versions and the full lifts are the height at which you catch them. Remember: THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE FORM OF A MISSED POWER SNATCH OR POWER CLEAN IS A FULL SNATCH OR FULL CLEAN.
Lurong Challenge WOD #7 "Dynamix"
7 min AMRAP:
6 HSPU/HRPU/HRPU from knees
8 KB swings
12 Sumo-deadlift high-pulls (DEMO)/sumo-deadlifts

Levels for "Dynamix":
Level 1 - hand-release pushups from knees, Russian swings and KB deadlifts @16/8kg
Level 2 - hand-release pushups, American swings and KB deadlifts @24/16kg
Level 3 - HSPU, American swings and SDHP @32/24kg

Notes on movement standards:
Especially on the hand-release pushups, make sure that your midline stays stable, meaning, no sagging at the hips or low-back. As soon as you start pushing out of the bottom of the pushup your hips should start to rise the same moment that your shoulders do. Maintaining a strong hollow position will ensure this.

On the American swings, this elbows, knees, and hips must be completely locked out at the top with the 'bell over the feet. The Russian swings require that your arms break parallel with the floor at the top of the swing.

The SDHP requires that your hands get to at least even with the top of your chest at the top of the movement.


A. snatch balance, build to a tough single w/perfect form
B. hang snatch, build to a tough single in 10mins
C. snatch, 25 reps for time @77% of B
1 min AD @90% aerobic
1 min rest walk
rest 3mins after last set AD, then...
Row 500m time trial

- no riding weight down for A
- start hang snatch anywhere above knee
- record time for C (J-Earley - 7:34 @190), oh and yes, they are squat snatches
- you want a sustained, non-fatiguing warmup (the AD sets) to lead into a tough 500m row time trial