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Friday 141031



A.Front Squat: 3x8, build over the three sets, 3min clock
Lurong Benchmark WOD #1 "Capacity Test"
4 min max cal row
1 min rest
3 min pull-ups
2 min squats
1 min rest
1 min shoulder-to-overhead

Notes: If you're in participating in the Lurong Challenge, make sure you know your scores from the first go-round on this one so you can do even better today (actually, even if you're not signed up for the Challenge, you should still know how well you did and try to beat your score).

Level 1 - jumping pull-ups, air squats, S-OH @65/45lb
Level 2 - pull-ups, back squats @115/80lb, S-OH @95/65lb
Level 3 - CTB pull-ups, back squats @165/115lb, S-OH @135/95lb


10min @80-90% effort:
25 DU
Row 150m

rest walk 5mins

10min @80-90% effort:

5 SA DB thruster, 40/20# left
5 SA DB thruster, 40/20# right
5 CTB chin ups
15 abmat sit-ups

rest walk 5mins

10min @80-90% effort:

Run 250m
5 clean and jerk, 115/75
10 walking lunges

– work on pacing through the 10min efforts keeping them sustainable
– should not reach efforts that force poor form
– stay aware of breathing and muscle fatigue – record the time you notice changes during the 10mins