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Tuesday 141104

How can you not love Tony Tucci? Fun-loving guy (obviously) who works his tail off and is extremely coachable. So glad to have you as part of the Sanctify community Tony! (cape courtesy of Jodi Marino)

A. Press: 6x5, build from last week, 2:30clock
B. Power Snatch: 8x2, TnG, build to AHAP, 2min clock
5 rounds for max cals:
1 min max effort AD
2 min rest

Notes: Last week's presses were at 65% so you're gonna want to start around that weight and build only if you were successful last week. If you had failed reps last week, keep the weight the same and GET THE REPS.


A. EMOM x12:
odd – close-grip bench press, 3-4 @70% 1RM
even – PC TnG, 5 reps @60% of 1rm
B. EMOM x12:
odd – DB push press, 4-6 reps tough
even – FLR on DB’s, 30sec
C. EMOM x12:
odd – 50 DU
even – 1 MU + 6-8 ring dips, focus on kip
D. EMOM x12:
odd – Row 12cals
even – PS, 1.1.1 @70% of 1rm

– set up all emoms and use a 48 min continuous clock; move from one to the next with no additional rest