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Monday 141124

The dip. The drive. The lockout. Nice job Tammy!

A. Squat clean thruster (SCTh): Build to a tough single in 10min
B. 7 Rounds on a 2min clock: 3 SCTh + 5C2B

Notes: We haven't visited this lift for a while, and we won't focus on it for very long but it is good to be familiar with it since it does come up from time to time. 1 rep = a full squat clean + a press as you come out of the squat. For B, the SCth should be about 70-75% of A. Bands can be used for the pull ups.

Tabata front squats: 65%+ of 1RM, (i.e. :20work/:10rest x8)
rest 5min
AD: ME in 5min

Notes: Go heavy on the front squats. You should be aiming for about 6-8 reps per round. Fewer than 6 and you might be using too much weight. More than 8 and you're probably not using enough.

Record FS weight and total AD cal on the board.


Note: Due to the "Finishing Touches" Campaign on Friday, Saturday is when we'll do Friday's normal training of speed back squats and such.

A. snatch, build to a tough single
B. back squat, build to a tough triple in 12mins
C. EMOM x10: 1-3 burpee MU
Row 500m @2k PR pace
rest 3mins x 6 all rows same pace

– take your time, snatch does not have to be a 1rm
– back squat start clock then begin building
– if the row is too fast to sustain the same pace back it off a bit
– all rows should be the same pace focus on recovery b/w rows
– record snatch, BS, and slowest and fastest row times on board
- J-Earley: 250, 395, 1:40.6, 1:39.3